Snack Pack


The Snack Pack provides easy sustenance…while you use one hand to care for your baby, you can use your other hand to support yourself! The lactation cookies will boost your supply and the tonic will boost your digestion and immunity.

The bickies you can enjoy straight from the box…one, two, three, four, five at a time!
You can drink the tonic straight from the fridge like a wellness shot. Or dilute it with some hot water, add some honey, and sip like tea. It is also great as a spritzer, just pour over ice and top with sparkling water.

We understand that we are not just nourishing you, but your new baby too!  So we use the highest quality Australian grown ingredients we can find and whenever possible, we choose organic.

  • 12 plant based, GF, soy free chocolate ginger lactation cookies
  • 500ml citrus, ginger, turmeric tonic (about 10 serves)

$35.00 includes delivery within 10km of Brisbane CBD
+$10.00 for delivery to outer Brisbane suburbs


Delivery within 10km of Brisbane CBD, Delivery to outer Brisbane suburbs

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