Meal Pack: A Week’s Worth of Food for Mama


We cook meals designed to make you feel healthy and happy.  Happy tummy, happy mummy! And because we cook everything for you and deliver it to your door, our food makes caring for yourself easy! Postpartum Provisions will not only supply you with seasonal meals made with the highest quality ingredients, but our food will help you meet all of your new mama needs.

Recovering from birth, beginning your breastfeeding journey, and finding your feet as a mother require energy that we know you feel like you don’t have.  Let our healing, energising, and comforting food allow you to thrive!
And yes, you read that right…this meal pack will be delivered to your door!

Taking cues from Ayurvedic practices, the Mama Meal Pack serves up healing, comforting meals all individually packaged so you can grab one, heat it up, and enjoy.
We are in the middle of revamping our meal packs and menus, so at the moment the Mama Meal Pack includes five mains.
Feel free to supplement with add ons like breakfast bars, granola, and our cookies.

In the Meal Pack you get
  • 5 serves of a vegetarian main meal
    meals may include:
    mushrooms, thyme, white beans, and puy lentils on creamy polenta
    pumpkin chickpea peanut curry box with turmeric potatoes, salads, and coconut yoghurt
    green curry with roasted veggies on a crunchy brown rice and pumpkin salad with lemongrass slaw
    South Indian mung dahl
    tamarind potato and chickpea curry with mango, housemate tofu, and macadamias

$75.00 includes delivery within 10km of Brisbane CBD
+$10.00 for delivery to outer Brisbane suburbs


Delivery within 10km of Brisbane CBD, Delivery to outer Brisbane suburbs

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